Support Services: How to improve operator performance with Modern Application


A prominent player in the engineering industry, sought to enhance machine operator performance through cutting-edge technology. Their vision was to create a modern application that seamlessly integrates with their hardware, providing real-time data insights.


The Client faced several critical challenges:

  • Performance Enhancement:

The existing systems fell short in optimizing machine operator efficiency.

  • Remote Collaboration:

Establishing a dedicated remote team for a long-term project required seamless coordination.

  • Adherence to Standards:

The application needed to meet Client’s rigorous quality and performance standards.

  • Effective Testing:

Intermediate-level software testing was crucial to ensure reliability and robustness.


Methodologies & Technology Stack:

  • We leveraged a powerful combination of programming languages, including C++, Qt, .NET, C#, and Python.
  • Key tools such as Squish, Git, Jenkins, Jira, and qTest facilitated seamless development and testing.
  • Continuous Delivery practices ensured rapid deployment.
  • We embraced Scrum and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) for efficient project management.
  • Our remote team collaborated seamlessly, adapting to the challenges of distance.

Team Structure:

Our team comprised experts with diverse skill sets:

  • Senior Software Engineers drove innovation.
  • Software Test Engineers rigorously validated the application.
  • Senior Test Engineers ensured robustness.


  • Streamlined Training and Onboarding:

The EDV WERKE Business Support unit efficiently managed training processes, saving time and resources for the client.

  • Holiday Backup Support:

Our team provided seamless holiday backup,
minimizing disruptions due to missing resources.

  • Knowledge Management:

A robust Knowledge Management database facilitated the introduction of new resources and optimized workflows.

In summary, the implemented application not only improved machine operator performance but also streamlined processes, ensuring excellence in product delivery and service.

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