As a global management consultancy, we are dedicated to crafting and implementing solutions that empower businesses to prosper in the intricate landscape of today’s business world. We pride ourselves on our client-centric approach.

Our unique consulting methodology is driven by the culture, combining the expertise of our consultants, our ability to work in close partnership, and the active and independent involvement of our senior leadership. This enables us to provide independent and conflict-free advice with a commitment to deliver results.


Our team brings together a unique combination of deep business transformation and profound SAP expertise. We have unparalleled experience in all aspects of our services and a proven track record of delivering world-class solutions. Our approach, underpinned by our “EDVM method”, has been well-proven in our assignments and refined over time.

Ways of Working

We are committed to acting in partnership with our clients to achieve success. Our only agenda is to bring an independent view focused on meeting our clients’ objectives. We are results-focused, pragmatic, and ready to share risk. Our working style and culture is open and transparent within the context of a clearly defined governance process that allows issues to be resolved and risks to be mitigated.

High-Quality Advice

Our independence and unbiased strategic and business perspective allow us to develop balanced and impartial recommendations. Our partners are closely involved in assignments, from initiation to completion, ensuring that our clients benefit from their experience and expertise at all stages.

Success Stories

At EDV Werke, we have conducted a multitude of assignments in different industries to help clients design and implement full-scale business transformations or elements thereof. Some examples of our assignments include Global SAP Deployments, Business Process Transformations, Shared Service Center Implementations, IT Strategy and Governance Designs, Business Intelligence Strategies, and System Deployments, and Data Management Strategies.

Our Method

We take great pride in our unique EDV Werke AG methodology. Based on a Six Sigma, the international standards from the Project Management Institute (PMI®), and SAP ASAP. It combines these standard methodologies with our own best practices and extensive experience from various global business harmonization and SAP Roll-outs projects with major global companies. The strengths of the EDVM methodology are its wide life-cycle coverage and its capability to combine it selectively with other standards.

Our Industry Expertise

To successfully advise our clients across our services, understanding an industry inside and out is fundamental. Companies need to track competitive dynamics, regulatory changes, and advances in technology to compete and thrive in their sector. The depth and breadth of our industry experience, and our international perspective, are attributes that our clients value highly. Our consultants combine the understanding of industry drivers with their services skills within and across industries.

Sustainability goals

Addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change and environmental sustainability is a priority for our company and stakeholders. We are committed to integrating leading environmental practices into our business strategy and operations, while also promoting environmental awareness and responsibility among our employees, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders within the scope of our business activities.


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