Transform your business with our Strategic Consulting services. We specialize in Corporate Strategy, providing insightful analysis for Growth, Portfolio, and Business Unit decisions. Navigate the complexities of Merge & Acquisitions with our expertise in Due Diligence, Post-Merge, and Divestitures. Embrace Digital Transformation with our strategic guidance. Optimize your operations, including Supply Chain Management, Procurement, HR, Finance, and Shared Service Centers. Partner with us for comprehensive consulting that propels your business forward.


Corporate Strategy
Growth, Portfolio, Business Unit Analysis
Merge & Acquisitions
Due Diligence, Post-Merge, Divestitures
Digital Transformation
SCM, Procurement, HR, FIN, SSC’s, etc.

Corporate Strategy

  • Strategic Clarity

Our expert analysis helps you define a clear corporate strategy. By aligning your goals, resources, and market positioning, you gain a competitive edge.

  • Risk Mitigation

We identify potential risks and devise strategies to minimize them. A robust corporate strategy ensures resilience in a dynamic business environment. 

Growth, Portfolio, Business Unit Analysis

  • Maximize Returns

Our analysis guides portfolio decisions. Optimize resource allocation, divest underperforming units, and focus on growth areas.

  • Strategic Alignment

Understand which business units contribute most to your success. Allocate resources strategically for sustainable growth.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Synergy Realization

Our analySeamlessly integrate acquired entities. Unlock synergies, streamline processes, and enhance overall performance.

  • Value Creation

M&A activities can boost market share, expand product offerings, and create new revenue streams.

Due Diligence, Post-Merge, Divestitures

  • Informed Decision-Making

Rigorous due diligence minimizes risks. Post merger, we ensure smooth integration, preserving value.

  • Strategic Divestitures

Exit non-core assets strategically. Optimize capital allocation and focus on core competencies.

Digital Transformation

  • Efficiency Enhancement

Embrace digital tools to streamline processes. Automation, data analytics, and cloud solutions drive efficiency gains.

  • Customer-Centric Approach

Digital transformation enhances customer experiences, loyalty, and retention.

Operations (SCM, Procurement, HR, FIN, SSC’s)

  • Operational Excellence

Optimize supply chain management (SCM), procurement, and financial processes. Cost savings and agility follow.

  • Optimization

Efficient HR processes attract, retain, and develop top talent. A well-functioning shared service center (SSC) ensures smooth operations.


SAP S/4 HANA migrations/implementations
Supply Chain, Logistics, SAP EWM
HR: SAP HCM, SuccessFactors, Workday
Streamlined procurement (Ariba, SRM, MM)
Usage of proprietary tools (Data Migration, EDVISE)

SAP S/4 HANA Migrations and Implementations

  • Seamless Transition

Our experts guide you through the migration to SAP S/4 HANA. Experience enhanced performance, real-time analytics, and simplified processes.

  • Unlock Business Insights

Leverage HANA’s in-memory capabilities for data driven decision-making. Gain agility and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Supply Chain and Logistics (SAP EWM)

  • Efficient Operations

Optimize your supply chain and logistics with SAP EWM. Real-time visibility, inventory management, and streamlined processes drive efficiency.

  • Responsive Supply Chain

EWM ensures timely deliveries, reduced stockouts, and improved customer satisfaction.

HR Solutions (SAP HCM, SuccessFactors, Workday)

  • Talent Management

Our HR solutions empower you to attract, retain, and develop top talent. From payroll to performance management, we enhance HR processes.

  • Employee Engagement

SuccessFactors and Workday foster employee engagement, leading to higher productivity and organizational success.

Proprietary Tools (Data Migration, EDVISE)

  • Data Precision

Our proprietary data migration tools ensure accurate data transfer. Minimize disruptions during system transitions.

  • EDVISE Efficiency

Leverage our custom tool for streamlined processes. From data cleansing to reporting, EDVISE enhances operational excellence.


Ticket Dispatching
Managed Services for SAP
ERP and non-ERP services
Working with SLA’s: penaltyincentive models
Various availability models: 8/5, 10/5, 24/5, 24/6 or 24/7 model

Ticket Dispatching

  • Swift Issue Resolution

Our ticket dispatching service ensures that your technical issues are promptly addressed. We streamline communication, prioritize tasks, and minimize downtime.

  • Efficient Workflow

By managing tickets effectively, we enhance your operational efficiency. Focus on core tasks while we handle technical hiccups.

Managed Services for SAP

  • Proactive Support

Our SAP experts monitor, maintain, and optimize your SAP systems. Prevent disruptions, improve performance, and stay compliant.

  • Cost Savings

Outsourcing SAP management reduces overhead costs. Benefit from specialized skills without the burden of in-house maintenance. 

ERP and Non-ERP Services

  • Holistic Maintenance

Whether it’s your ERP system or other critical applications, we provide comprehensive support. Keep your business running smoothly.

  • Unified Approach

Our expertise extends beyond ERP. We ensure seamless integration across your entire application landscape.

Working with SLAs (Service Level Agreements)

  • Reliable Commitments

Our SLAs define clear expectations. We adhere to agreed-upon response times, resolution targets, and penalties.

  • Business Continuity

SLAs minimize disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted services for your stakeholders.

Various Availability Models

  • Tailored Support

Choose the availability model that suits your business needs:

8/5     Weekdays, business hours
10/5   Extended weekdays
24/5   Round-the-clock on weekdays
24/6   Weekdays, excluding weekends
24/7   Continuous support, every day 

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