Automation Engineer

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EDV Werke is looking for Automation Engineer

Working Model: Remote work

Form of cooperation: B2B Contract

Role Summary:

We are seeking a seasoned Automation Engineer to join our team, playing a key role in supporting business operations and projects.

This IT Automation Engineer will be pivotal in ensuring project success, managing stakeholder interactions, and facilitating seamless transitions during critical periods. The role requires expertise in IT automation, managing complex IT environments, and delivering high-quality, automated solutions that meet stringent international standards and business requirements.


    • Coordination with Local Technical Teams: Facilitate communication and collaboration with local technical teams
    • Technical Requirement Analysis: Understand and develop approaches to solve the teams’ technical requirements (e.g., Network segmentation)
    • Documentation Management: Request and review documentation from technical teams
    • Security Coordination: Coordinate with Group and Regional Security Teams
    • Internal Control Liaison: Coordinate with Internal Control teams
    • Control Implementation Improvement: Continuously improve the implementation of controls
    • Audit Preparation: Prepare for audits and/or pre-audits to understand the scope of controls to be audited


  • IT/OT Network Architecture Knowledge: Understanding of network architecture in IT/OT environments, including segmentation, traffic flows, and firewalls.
  • Cybersecurity Knowledge for IT/OT: Understanding of cybersecurity applications in IT/OT environments, such as Network Monitoring, Access Control, and Endpoint Protection.
  • English Language Proficiency: Proficiency in verbal and written communication in English
  • IT Automation Technologies Proficiency: Proficiency with IT Automation technologies (like CI/CD) with 8-10 years of experience
  • Monitoring Concepts Proficiency: Proficiency with Monitoring concepts as an integrated part of Agile processes
  • AWS (or GCP) Technologies Proficiency: Proficiency with the configuration, deployment, operations, and optimization of AWS (or GCP) technologies
  • Agile Practices Knowledge: Familiarity with Agile practices
  • Software Engineering Concepts Familiarity: Familiarity with software engineering concepts
  • Internet Technologies Proficiency: Proficiency with typical internet technologies (DNS, LDAP, PKI, Web servers, Proxy, SMTP, SSH)
  • Database Technologies Knowledge: Familiarity with database technologies and concepts

Personal Attributes:

  • Courage and Optimism: Exhibit courage and optimism in all situations
  • Determination: Show determination in “getting things done in the right way” regardless of difficulties
  • Structured Approach: Maintain a structured approach in all activities
  • Sustainability Orientation: Focus on sustainability by using and improving standard processes and technologies
  • Perfectionism: Take any opportunity to make things better with a perfectionist attitude
  • Curiosity: Demonstrate curiosity to explore, understand, and learn
  • Visionary Thinking: “Think big” by seeing things at scale and in a long-term perspective
  • Pragmatism: Apply pragmatism in making small improvements to address immediate needs
  • Questioning and Openness: Have the courage to question everything, admit errors, and express opinions
  • Continuous Learning: Learn “as you go” and build new skills “on the job


  • Competitive salary with performance-based bonuses.
  • Opportunities for professional development and advancement.
  • Dynamic and collaborative work environment.

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