Value-adding combination of management and IT consulting

As markets and environment are constantly changing and becoming ever more complex, most businesses are obliged to adapt their business models and to continuously improve them to ensure long-term success.

EDV Werke offers advice to international corporations on devising innovative business operating models, on optimizing processes and on implementing new technologies leveraging SAP. 

EDV Werke deploys comprehensive analytical frameworks in the areas of corporate, market and operational strategy. Anchored in deep knowledge of core industry issues, we define, quantify and detail evolutionary or “disruptive” roadmaps to create shareholder value. We are experts in designing and implementing large scale software architectures including non-SAP and legacy systems.

Combining our services maximizes the value we generate for our clients:

Strategy and Business Process, helping clients create customer value, improve operational excellence and manage risk.

Solution Definition, turning established business strategies and objectives into pragmatic solutions which can easily be implemented.

Solution Implementation, designing and delivering solutions by leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise in the delivery of complex, international programs.

IT Transformation, shaping IT to optimize its ability to deliver measurable value to the business during and after Business Transformation.