Outsource the management of your IT applications

Supporting, maintaining, and enhancing your software landscape can tie up considerable resources, leaving less time and capital for innovation. With our Managed Services, you can reduce the cost of managing your software and free up resources for value-adding activities that help you increase operational efficiency and optimize business performance.

Gain greater performance and flexibility

By selectively augmenting the management of your applications with our services,  you can improve service quality and generate measurable savings. Application Managed services give your company what it urgently needs in today’s dynamic markets: the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to changing business requirements.

A solid foundation of services

EDV WERKE Managed Services include the following basic service offerings: Incident management and service request fulfillment, Problem management, Proactive solution maintenance, including software patches for installed  software, Remote operations center for 24×7 insight into solution health, prevention of service disruption, and real-time error handling and service restoration. 

Entrust the full application management lifecycle

Our Application Managed Services handle the daily tasks that enable your business users to get the most from your applications. We support continuous improvement initiatives by providing the expertise to implement changes and enhancements, such as incorporating new processes, adding a reporting function, or integrating new applications due to a merger.

Optional offerings for rapid innovation

Choose any of these services to meet your needs: IT operations efficiency road map, Change management for new software functions and components, Support for upgrades of  software releases, Release and deployment management, Quality management with automated test manage-ment and execution and follow-up support for going live, release changes, and migrations, Resolution and prevention of performance problems, Business process monitoring and optimization.

A road map for IT operations efficiency

With our Application Managed Services, you gain access to operations and innovation guidance from a dedicated, trusted advisor that can help you optimize your IT operations by redirecting time and resources from oper-ations to innovation. Our experts work with you to assess, prioritize, and manage your evolving technology landscape. And you can rely on proven best practices and innovative methods to reduce complexity, risk, and cost across the entire lifecycle of your solutions. 

Take advantage of our software expertise

By augmenting your application management with our services, you put yourself in the hands of professionals with a wealth of exper-tise. The quality, reliability, and efficiency of our services are based on our years of experience in managing IT centric solutions.

Stable operations and predictable costs

Application Managed Services include: Service-level agreements, Service infrastructure, Dedicated service manager, Specialized resources, Frequent periodic reports and recommendations.

Rely on ISAE certification and our methodology

We meet your exacting requirements for application availability and reliability with our stable base of powerful service infrastruc-tures for effective support processing, skilled call management, and systematic escalation management. Our service management and all service processes are organized according to the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Put the brakes on costs while driving optimization

How do you benefit from our globally scalable services? First, our application management team is highly effective at keeping costs in check, thanks to central resources and the expertise of our technology specialists. In addition, long-term contracts allow us to calculate resources favorably and offer ser-vices at fixed prices. You can reduce your costs further by taking advantage of our global infrastructure and 24×7 support from service centers in Europe.

Transfer of IT Services on under EDV WERKE management.

EDV WERKE delivery manager will asses the Client service and establish its scope.

We will agree on the service level based on tickets and Staff to outline binding SLAs and KPIs. After the administered by EDV WERKE transition period EDV WERKE will take over responsibility for the complete Service delivery.

The Client receives a complete service and does not have to manage recruitment onboarding, training, ticket or task allocation.

EDV WERKE will mange the entire team including scaling, workshops and potential travel to Client sites.


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