Application Managed Services

Spend less time managing your SAP applications and more time focusing on business optimization and innovation, partnering with EDV WERKE Application Managed Services.

Deploy, manage, monitor, and optimize your SAP solutions and business processes – on-premise or in the cloud – with our managed services. We provide guaranteed SLAs for 24/7 business continuity support and KPI based outcomes for business process improvement and innovations. We can help you lower IT costs, fast-track return on investment (ROI), and modernize your applications.

• Cost-effectively run your solutions on any platform
• Enhance and optimize your solutions for your needs
• Rapidly deploy the latest SAP innovations
• Take advantage of predictable subscription pricing

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IT Outsourcing Partner


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Team Leasing

EDV WERKE is an expert in building and delivering IT teams which are managed by experienced IT professionals and finish projects on time. We guarantee stability of the team and its proper structure; we also ensure that its respective members perform tasks that are appropriate for their level of expertise.

Shift the responsibility for your project to EDV WERKE ! We will ensure that our team’s work is compatible with your methodology and meets (or even surpasses) expectations. We currently operate 12 international 24/5/365 services for various End Clients. We have the capability to present a complete IT team within 2-4 days! 


Body Leasing

We offer Body Leasing – an excellent solution for companies which need additional members for their IT teams for a specified period of time.

Whenever there’s a need for it, we provide support of appropriate specialists from various fields of IT (i.a. Project Managers, Consultants, Administrators, Architects, Testers, Programmers, Analysts, etc.).

This model of IT outsourcing allows for flexible cooperation and reduction of formalities to the bare minimum. It significantly influences efficient IT project management and lowers its costs.

It takes us 48 hours to deliver the right IT specialists who meet your expectations!


Since we firmly believe that each and every single one of our Clients is exceptional, we offer individual and custom-made solutions for IT project management. Thanks to the fastest SLA on the European market (48 hours) and multilingual recruitment teams, we are the best choice for each project. We are an unfailing and reliable IT partner.

IT experts delivered within 48 hours !

We perform a full and thorough technical verification and soft skills screening of a candidate within 48-72 hours. We can provide candidates for any type of employment or subcontracting.

Fair salary

We deliver our services on a global scale, based on the principles of “Success Fee” and “Time&Material”. We are always flexible and open for conversation.

Verification of candidates

We operate on the largest IT database using the most innovative Artificial Intelligence HRM platform. We guarantee that all presented IT candidates will be verified from the technical and the substantial angle.

International support

We are multilingual. Each day we communicate with our Clients and potential candidates using 10+ languages, depending on the project.

„Open book policy”

We are 100% transparent and share all the information we can, including our rates and provisions. Both our Candidates and Clients know that they receive the best deal possible.

Seargin’s commitment

We strive to provide the highest quality of services, putting all our heart and soul into our tasks. We prove it each day to our Clients, who know that thanks to cooperation with EDV WERKE, they’ll receive the expected outcome. You can count on us in designing, developing and delivering flexible IT services. Free your team from critical business activities!

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