We accompany you on the path of secure digital transformation towards increased cyber security. Learn how we secure your data, systems and business success with IT security consulting, IT security solutions and managed security.

Today, no company is immune to cyber attacks. The number of attacks is constantly increasing. The internationally active attackers use intelligent tactics. Expanded IT security risks, attack vectors and attack patterns characterize the age of digitalization and networking in Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT). Traditional technology and methods of IT security often fall short here.

EDV Werke has extensive strategic knowledge, technical know-how and process expertise based on many years of project experience. On this basis, EDV Werke recognizes vulnerabilities and identifies suitable security tools and protective measures against cyber attacks.


Cyber Security Health Check

A clear view of the overall cyber picture is essential. Only then can you reliably identify threats and make effective investments in cyber security. Both sensibly in terms of security and economically. We support you in this with our Cyber Security Health Check. In the thicket of real threats and supposed wonder weapons, we identify the strategies, measures and tools that will protect you effectively and efficiently in the long term.

IT Governance, Risk Management & IT Compliance

IT governance ensures optimal support for the business activities and strategic goals of a company.

It comprises all the relevant processes and specifications for the entire IT infrastructure. Compliance with statutory regulations and legal requirements is of particular relevance here.

Summarized under the keyword compliance, these result, for example, from industry standards or contractual and legal regulations. Software solutions and technologies can provide support in ensuring all aspects of IT governance. For example, special applications such as an access governance solution can help ensure compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). It ensures and documents, for example, that only authorized employees access personal data.

EDV Werke has extensive industry know-how and process knowledge from a large number of consulting and implementation projects, which is essential for reliable IT governance and risk management.

We offer you: 

Consulting on IT compliance and IT governance in your organization, 

Process and project expertise for the digital implementation of the EU-DSGVO, 

Conception and implementation of aspects of access governance for secure access, 

Real-time quick check of roles and authorizations for increased cyber security.

Secure IT Infrastructures & Sichere Netzwerke

Hardened IT infrastructures are the indispensable basis for minimizing information security risks. Together with educated employees, networked security components and consistent process management (ITSM & ISMS), they ensure a high level of IT security. This applies to the local processing of your data as well as to data storage in cloud services.

Security hardening stands for a whole range of properties: always up to date, correctly defined, seamlessly cataloged, automated to the greatest possible extent, correctly configured, as well as reliably tested and constantly monitored. Proactive protection and a robust response capability for damage detection, reduction and defense ensure a permanently high level of information security. This requires an integrated approach: from technical protection to organizational adjustments and permanent monitoring (function and security monitoring) to the support of corresponding proactive activities and reactions.

EDV Werke adapts projects in the environment of cyber security risk-based to performance potential and depth of requirements of the customer environment. We support the know-how transfer to the customer organizations and service providers. By coordinating from one competent source, we avoid frictional losses in coordination and realization.

We offer you: 

Determination of individual protection needs against digital threats and attacks, analysis, 

Evaluation and optimization of the components of your infrastructures, networks, applications & systems, definition, setup and transformation of optimal

Erchitectures and topologies, selection and setup of optimized processes and tools for monitoring and incident handling, 

Definition of test strategies and execution of tests (penetration tests, disaster recovery) for increased cyber security.

Cloud Security

An appropriate level of security is a prerequisite for using cloud services. The focus of cloud security is on the secure processing of data and information. Cloud security is a key challenge, especially when you are mobile on a large number of devices and away from your own network and control. Proven cloud security concepts and measures improve the overall security of your infrastructure. They guarantee adherence to security and compliance guidelines instead of creating new business risks.

EDV Werke optimizes and migrates your existing infrastructure. Secured, mobile, user-centric and productivity-enhancing solutions on next-generation collaboration platforms complement your architecture.

The focus is on Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security Suite (EMS) and Azure. Our cloud security specialists always keep an eye on the security of your infrastructure in all facets. We support your cyber security on premise in your own data center, in hybrid environments or cloud only on any cloud platform – from market leader to industry solution.

We offer you: 

Consulting and design for the integration and secure use of networked cloud services, management solutions and processes for a “Secure Digital Identity” and thus increased IT security, 

Protective measures and defense against advanced attacks based on security and compliance products, classification and encryption of distributed documents – also with external parties.