Spend less time managing your applications and more time focusing on business optimization and innovation, partnering with EDV Werke under the Application Managed Services model of cooperation.

Deploy, manage, monitor, and optimize your ERP solutions and business processes – on-premise or in the cloud – with our managed services. We provide guaranteed Service Level Agreements allowing you to safeguard 24/7 business continuity support and KPI-based outcomes with the overall goal to ensure business process improvement and innovation.

We can help you lower IT costs, fast-track return on investment (ROI), and modernize your applications. Contact us today.

In view of the shortage of personnel in the IT sector and the resulting “war for talent”, it is all the more important today to deploy the available resources where they can have the greatest impact:

In strategic projects that determine the future of your IT and your company. The goal of mind Managed Services is to relieve the burden on your internal IT resources by taking over your regular tasks and managing your IT service. In doing so, we guarantee that you retain control and an overview at all times.

How can we guarantee this? A Single Point of Contact (SPOC) is available to you at all times to keep you informed of the current status.

We create transparency by contractually fixing defined service level agreements and an open communication culture.

Your internal IT is relieved – the focus is directed to the important things – control remains in your hands.

Dealing with occurring errors in a recently developed application delays the next important project.

The special cases were not considered in the test, users were not trained extensively enough and responsibilities were not defined for continuous data maintenance and customizing.

To prevent such delays, our ITSM experts support you in defining and executing meaningful test cases as early as the project phase.

Together with you, we analyze the initial findings from the Hypercare phase and then ensure a smooth transition to the ongoing operation of your IT solution.

Your project team is relieved and your users are optimally supported in using the new solution.


Let’s chat and we’ll show you how your business can maximise the value with IT Managed Services.

Since we firmly believe that each and every single one of our clients is exceptional, we offer individual and custom-made solutions for each of the applications. To give you an example, the proposed scope of our involvement can include taking responsibility for the applications’ maintenance, enhancements, or development.

Reduce costs associated with the application

No matter how many incidents or bugs occurred or how many people had to dedicate their time and resources to your application, with Application Managed Services you pay the agreed-upon fee every time. On top of that, our teams improve the Key Performance Indicators for given applications. Doesn’t it sound appealing to explore this model of cooperation? 

Achieve system stability

Our teams focus on bringing stability when it comes to your application performance. They will investigate previous accidents and employees’ ticket requests to identify critical areas that need fixing with the overall purpose of reducing the possibility of the same incidents happening again and again in the future. In turn, your employees are happy with the increased system availability and optimised performance. 

Get top-performing IT teams

Delegate full responsibility for your application’s management, enhancements, and development to top-performing and SAP-certified IT teams. 

Our expertise allows clients to be confident about Key Performance Indicators, in particular, you’ll benefit from faster time to resolution, decreased number of incidents and bugs, and rapid enhancements and application development time. Why don’t you put our teams to test?